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Sledge Tax & Accounting

for Small Business, Contractors, & Online Money Makers

We'll hammer out your taxes, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting so you can focus on your business.

Learn Why We're Different:

We're a Full Service Tax, Accounting, & Advising Firm for Small Business, Entrepreneurs & Contractors

Business Taxes

We'll hammer out your personal and business tax returns.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

We provide bookkeeping services, payroll & other accounting services.

Tax Reduction Planning

We provide year-round, aggressive tax reduction planning that really works.

Utah's Best Business Accountant

We'll Hammer Out Your Accounting & Tax

You deserve an accountant that doesn't settle for reactive, year-end tax compliance. You deserve someone working on your behalf to help lower your taxes and solve your bookkeeping problems.

Who We Serve

We Serve Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Contractors

We help business owners, freelancers, agencies, digital professionals, home service companies & contractors.

Internet Business Owners

We're an accountant for e-commerce, affiliate marketers, internet business professionals, content creators and e-commerce businesses.

Real Estate Professionals

We're an accountant for realtors, real estate agents and real estate brokers.  We setup S-Corps, help with realtor taxes, and provide bookkeeping for realtors.

Autobody & Mechanics

We provide tax planning, bookkeeping & accounting for mechanic business owners, automotive companies and more.

General Contractors & Construction

We provide accounting for general contractors, construction companies, builders & all sorts of sub-contractors. We'll help lower your taxes & keep perfect books.

Digital Agencies & Freelancers

We're an accountant for freelancers, 1099 income earners and digital agencies like digital marketers, designers, videographers and more.

Home Services

We help plumbers, electricians, HVAC and many other home service companies with their accounting, tax, bookkeeping and more.

Your Outsourced Accounting Department

We Work Year-Round to Advance Your Best Interests

Top tier accounting and advising to help ensure you're always ahead of the curve.

Never Overpay in Taxes

Our clients pay significantly less in taxes than the typical small business.  We work year round & implement aggressive, but wise tax reduction strategies.

Never Waste Time Doing Bookkeeping

Our team of tax reduction specialists will also keep your finances up-to-date and done-to-perfection. No more messing around with your own books and taxes.

Avoid IRS Problems

We'll be aggressive in our tax reduction planning, but we are wise.  We make sure you pay your "fair share" in taxes, but not a penny more.

Accountant for Contractors Utah

Grow a More Profitable & Scalable Contracting Business

Contractors take too much risk to settle for mediocre accountants. Our outsourced accounting services will keep your taxes low, establish perfect financial statements to scale your business, and help you know your numbers to manage better.

Take Your Business Forward with Pro-Active Tax & Accounting from Sledge.

We don't sit back and wait for tax season, we work aggressively throughout the year to pursue your best interests; helping you improve operations, save time, avoid risk & lower your taxes big time.

Get lowered taxes & build tax efficient wealth.

Never waste staff time & avoid hiring unnecessary admin staff.

Stay compliant and avoid problems with the IRS while mitigating risk.

Our blog

Sledge Accounting Blog

Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.

How We Use a Proactive Accounting Method to Help Service-Based Businesses

How we use a proactive accounting method to help service-based business owners. This includes digital marketers, online fitness coaches, SAAS, consulting, coaching, landscapers, contractors, and more
Small Business Accounting Services

We Handle Everything with our Outsourced Accounting Services

Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll, & Advising. You need it? We handle it.

We Clean Everything Up

Everything begins with cleaning up your books, catching up & establishing a sound foundation.

Create a Personalized Tax Reduction Plan

We'll analyze your financial position and create a personalized tax reduction strategy for your business. Then we do everything necessary to implement the plan.

Monthly Bookkeeping & Guidance

Our team will keep your books up to date, and you'll never fall behind.

Year End Tax Returns Made Easy

We will take care of your business and personal tax returns, on-time and done with tax mitigation in mind.

Book a Free Tax Reduction Analysis

We'll analyze your taxes & books, and identify opportunities to lower taxes & improve your operations.

Never Overpay in Taxes Again

We'll find all the tax loopholes and tax mitigation strategies relevant to your business and ensure you take advantage of them.

Get Financials You Can Scale Your Business With

With the right books & accounting, you can manage your business better, secure larger bonds and scale further. We'll help you get there.

Save Massive Amounts of Time & Labor

You won't have to hire an admin or bookkeeper. We will save your team 4-16 hours a week - translating to massive savings.